Move Slow and Make Things

Turtle’s Pace is a newsletter about making things that matter at a sustainable pace.

On Tuesdays, I write about clear thinking and the creative process. I explain complex concepts with bad doodles that will teach you something useful or make you laugh.

Who writes this?

I’m Justin, a product manager and fiction writer who loves making things but can’t finish them fast enough. “Move slow and make things” is my philosophy to balance creative ambition with humane expectations. I share the best nuggets with you as I unearth new ideas, experiment with processes, and refine my thinking.

Who reads this?

People who make things with their minds get the most from this newsletter. Most subscribers are writers, managers, designers, analysts, and engineers.

Any free samples?

Of course! Because you’ve read this far, here’s a whole buffet:

  1. Thinking Caps

  2. Frankensteining

  3. Seven Puzzles

  4. Four Stages of Competence

  5. Wicked Problems

  6. Concentration Muscles

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Making things that matter at a sustainable pace.


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