Another great article Justin. It made me think these roles are applicable not only to professional but also our daily lives. We can switch these roles in different phases of our life and also in different circumstances and relationships. The role that we play at the workplace can be a warrior while we may start to play the Mage when we got back home.

And it is extremely difficult to have all these skill set all together as a solopreneur. I think this is why solopreneurship constantly requires self-observation and self-improvement accordingly.

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I really enjoyed reading this, specially because I’m a big fan of the The Lord of the Rings.

Now that I think about my career, when I was a developer I was covering the roles of Cleric and Warrior. Yet now PM requires to switch sometimes from one to another or even using various hats at the same time, makes it more fun.

Thanks for this post Justin!

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Too hard to pick one of the roles in your poll!

Sometimes the team dynamics push people into certain roles. For example you don't need 2 Mages and 2 Clerics - your team will have trouble getting projects finished if there are no Rangers or Warriors.

Thank you for a thoughtful take on these complimentary team roles!

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I recently read Four Thousand Weeks and was awed. Glad you linked the tribute website to the bottom here!

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I really enjoyed reading this blog it was excellent! You’re definitely all these roles! 👍

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What a smart tribute to the Archetypes by Carl Jung.

I like the fact that they work as a whole, like a quest you navigate or life helps you navigate from one to the other. You gather on the way wisdom from each one of them until you reach your "main archetype".

The warrior would be the hero I guess, the cleric the caregiver, the ranger maybe the rebel and the mage the magician. No matter the coincidences, within teams I agree having a mix of all 4 is a healthy mix.

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